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Famous Citizens


Famous Citizens

Captain Wladyslaw Wysocki – born on 24th of April 1908 in Bielsk Podlaski,  a captain of infantry in Polish Army.  He is a hero of the September Campaign of 1939, died on 12th of October  1943 near Lenino. In recognition of his courage, he was awarded post mortem with the silver cross of The War Order of Virtuti Militari. Captain Wladyslaw Wysocki is a patron of the primary school no. 2 in Bielsk Podlaski situated on the street named in honor of him.









Blessed Antoni Beszta Borowski – born on 9th of October 1880 in Borowskie Olki. Since 1927 he was a catholic priest in The Church of the Nativity of the Blesses Virgin Mary and St.Nicholas. Being informed of possible arrest during World War II, he remained loyal and refused to leave the parish. On 15th of July 1943 he was shot in Pilicki forest with 48 other citizens of Bielsk.








Alfons Erdman - born in Grudziadz, a polish politician, who supported self-government and social activist. In 1935-1939 he was mayor of Bielsk Podlaski. During WWII working as a deputy,  his strong command of the German language allowed him to intercept and foil Axis plans. For revealing this information to the Home Army (polish: Armia Krajowa), he was executed on 15th of July 1943 during the massive execution in Pilicki forest with other representatives of Polish intellectuals.







Pola Gojawiczyńska – a polish writer of the interwar period, and author of books like “Girls from Nowolipki” (polish: “Dziewczęta z Nowolipek”) and “Paradise Apple Tree” (polish: “Rajska Jabłoń”). For several years she lived in Bielsk Podlaski and worked in the local Starostwo (polish – “eldership”), the office of which was situated in the present library building.










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