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Castle Hill, known as „Bold Hill”- the oldest part of Bielsk, it is an artificially created hill, where middle age settlement was situated. According to the chronicle of Marcin Bielski, in 1564 there was a meeting of the grandees of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, during which lightning caused the fire in the castle  (King Alexander I Jagiellon Park).



The late Baroque Town Hall, built during the period of 1776-1780 thanks to the Izabela Branicka’s private funds with the help of townsmen. Nowadays, in the city hall you can visit the Museum of Bielsk Podlaski (A.Mickiewicza street 33)




Tavern „Sluszna” – reconstructed building of the tavern dates back to  the 18th century (Ratuszowy Square 1)





Antique wooden buildings – carved wood ornaments enriched Bielsk wooden buildings and houses; some of them have survived in the 19th century houses up to the present day (i.a. Dubicze street, Kościuszki street, 3 Maja street)


The Ortodox Church of the Nativity of the Holy Mother of God with the miraculous icon of the Holy Mother of God is the oldest sacral monument in Bielsk. In 1562 the church was moved from the Castle Hill (before - Staromiejska street, now – Jagiellońska street 6А)




The Orthodox Church of St. Michael the Archangel from the 15th, repeatedly reconstructed. It’s present look the church got in 1789 (A. Mickiewicza street 36)






A 19th century Chapel on Dubicze street marks a previous place of the Ortodox Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord, before its transfer to the Traugutta street, where the church is situated now.




Orthodox Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord – first written record about it dates back to 1560. Initially the Church was wooden, later though, fortified building was reconstructed in 2014 (Traugutta street).


The Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity – the church is in the record of the podlaski region monuments. It was founded by Queen Bona between 1533 and 1556. Reconstructed and moved to the municipal cemetery in the 19th century, today it functions as a chapel in the Orthodox cemetery. In 2013 it was renovated.



Minor basilica – The church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St.Nicholas from the 15th century was initially wooden and set on fire several times. A brick church was founded by Izabela Branicka in 1784 (Kościelna street 4а)




The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary form Mt. Carmel was originally wooden. The contemporary building made of brick originates from 1784.




The Catholic St. Vincent de Paul Chapel (1860)

 The Country Manor of the Smulski Family  – built in the II part  of the 19th century in Hołowiesk (now it is a district of Bielsk Podlaski). Originally on this place were possessions of Jan Klemens Branicki, Bielsk Elder. The Manor, destroyed during the annaxation, was completely demounted in 19th century. The Manor was given to Hołowiesk, in particular to the Smulski Family, who, by its own cost, reconstructed and maintained the wooden building. The Manor was preserved till today.






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